Now that the regulations concerning COVID-19 have eased and travelling has become something we can consider again, we want to take a moment to celebrate our KICK-OFF TOUR of 2020. In collaboration with Stadt Wien [23 PAX] and Hans Staudinger of ÜBERBAU, we have spent the last 4 days Exploring Copenhagen together with an inspiring group of 23 architects, engineers and high ranking city officials representing 3 branches of the construction directorate of the city of Vienna as well as the federal real estate agency of the Republic of Austria. We have investigated projects from North to South and East to West, from Humlebæk's Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, to Ørestad's DR Concert House by Jean Nouvel. As part of the tour, the group also took part in our lecture 'Copenhagen as Eco-metropole' and networked at BLOXHUB together with the IFHP. Read more about the event here

We look forward to continue this collaboration in 2021 and to showcase inspiring sustainable architectural developments based in the innovative city of Copenhagen.