We can't loose track of other challenges we were facing. Therefore we want to highlight again the vision for the Nordic Region, something we should continue to keep in mind. The Nordic Council of Ministers envisioned last year in Iceland that the Nordic region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. Co-operation is key in achieving this goal.

The shared priorities:

1. A green Nordic region – towards carbon neutrality and a sustainable circular and bio-based economy.
2. A competitive Nordic region –  green growth in the Nordic region based on knowledge, innovation, mobility and digital integration.
3. A socially sustainable Nordic Region – inclusive, equal and interconnected region with shared values and strengthened cultural exchange and welfare.

The capitals and large cities are crucial in achieving this goal. Copenhagen is well on its way as a frontrunning example with CO2-Neutrality by 2025.

Picture: Magnus Fröderberg