The current crisis situation is putting a hold on tourism and exploring. But every crisis also opens new doors! Our colleagues of the Guiding Architects network in Hamburg, A-tour, have decided to bring the world to you through mini-interviews. We had the honour to share as the first city what is going on in Copenhagen and how we can keep enjoying what the city of green has to offer. Read our interview below and others on !

1. what is the situation like in your city?

Due to the lockdown more people than ever are going outside to enjoy the sunny weather. The popular walking spaces are crowded with Copenhageners in the weekend, when the home office is closed. But crowded also means possible contact. Therefore the police is taking measures, such as installing a one way street along our beloved lakes. Luckily there are still many hidden gems which offer as much green and sun. NB 10 PAX allowed to gather at this point !

2. how do you look into the future?

Every crisis offers an opportunity to learn. We hope that in the future these lessons will be take into practice. We are very curious to see what will happen after this. Work / life is currently being explored in news ways, maybe a near future could allow for a 30 hour working week whereas the fifth day will be a Skype-day from home. All the more we will have to help define what a resilient city looks like.

3. What could be viewed digitally in your city (museum, gallery, archive)?

A. Danish Architecture Centre. If you missed BIGs exhibition in the Danish Architecture Center last fall, no worries! You can get a virtual tour through
Besides that is the Database of DAC a very good way to explore Copenhagens architecture.

B. Exploring Copenhagen. Or check out our instagram @exploringcopenhagen_

C. Kunsthal Charlottenborg. The art collective DIS that would have exhibited “What do people do all day?” in Kunsthal Charlottenborg has cooperated with the museum to open “art’s answer to Netflix”. You can find this on

D. SMK. The National Gallery of Denmark has been digitalizing their work, which is very easy and entertaining to browse through.*&page=0

4. name a positive initiative from your city, which has been created due to the current situation?

Right after the semi-lockdown the Danish bassist Mathæus Bech started the so called “Coronaconcerts”. He invites artists in his living room and streams this live and for free. But of course, if you can spare a penny, you can transfer some money directly to the artist. Other initiatives are popping up on diverse social media to support artists, photographers, musicians, hairdressers, etc. by buying prints or buying a haircut / dinner / etc. up front. Example: @save_the_danish_artists

5. give us 1 tip for an architecture book and/or a documentary on architecture and/or movie and/or podcast that you have enjoyed recently?

Exploring Copenhagen.

Global Denmark Podcast.

Images: © SMK © DAC