Scaledenmark was proud to present the special lecture “The Øresund Region as a value based cross-national region” to 29 business leaders from across Northern Europe (Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Sweden) participating in the Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP) in Malmö, Sweden.

The Øresund Region is the Nordic countries’ largest and most densely populated metropolitan region. The bi-national Swedish-Danish region began with clear cross-border cooperation to improve sustainable and economic innovation across the two countries. The lecture provided insight into the value and synergy-based urban development within the region, and highlighted how these models positively contribute to growth, productivity and innovation across public, private, and civic sectors. Additionally, the event included a guided tour of Malmö’s Western Harbor in the sustainable Bo01 district. We are delighted to network and connect with sustainable-minded business leaders looking to forge new innovative urban strategies in their own cities across Europe!