Scaledenmark welcomed 19 delegates representing various sectors connected to the Jinan Municipal Transportation Commission for a 2-day, 4-part lecture series outlining the relationship between transportation integration planning and urban sustainable development planning in Denmark. 

In order for the delegates to have a better understanding of Denmark’s welfare system, the first lecture presented was “The Danish Person’s Life: Value-Based models for increased completeness and innovation.” The lecture content then expanded to cross-national transportation strategies within the Øresund Region with the lecture, “Sustainability as a Double Strategy” using the cross-regional area of Greater Copenhagen and Scania.” Key learning lessons from these lectures include how Denmark translates its integrated value-based structures to improve the quality of people’s lives from everyday services to transportation-oriented development. 

The second day of lectures focused on Copenhagen’s urban development over the past 25 years, including specific strategies presented in the lecture, “Copenhagen as Eco-Metropole” as well as discussion topics related to Scaledenmark’s recently released book, “Exploring Copenhagen.” Here, Scaledenmark promotes Copenhagen’s ambitious dual-design strategies that actively respond to climate changes and support multi-stakeholder engagement for short and long-term investment models - specifically with PPP development models in the harbor and Ørestad development districts.  All participants left with a copy of Exploring Copenhagen – we are thrilled that they will continue the conversation on holistic, value-based planning models within their own professional network.