Exploring Copenhagen’s Urban Transformation

What does it mean to be a Copenhagener? And how has Copenhagen transformed from a city at near bankruptcy to a living model for sustainable green growth?

Copenhagen is ever-evolving, and it has many stories to tell. Released in June 2018, Scaledenmark has published the urban anthology Exploring Copenhagen - a 288-page collection of professional interviews and essays on the last 25 years of urban development in Copenhagen.

The book is an exploratory narrative, bringing the reader through Copenhagen’s diverse neighborhoods through the stories of multi-disciplinary design advocates sharing their experiences, reflections, and visions for Copenhagen to engage city stakeholders in ensuring people-first, sustainable city development. The personal testimonies offer a relatable guide to understanding the city’s cultural quirks - as well as the challenges and successes of its designed-society.

For example, hear from the architect behind Ørestad’s masterplan, discussing the design decisions and challenges behind creating Copenhagen’s new urban-suburbia – and discover the unique approaches to co-creating cities through entrepreneurship and sustainable strategies in the Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Nordhavn chapters. 

You can find a copy of Exploring Copenhagen through our publisher, Spitzen Publish (http://spitzen.dk/) as well as in the DAC Design Shop at BLOX. 

The book is just the beginning! In January 2019, Scaledenmark will be launching a knowledge-sharing platform building on the stories within Exploring Copenhagen. For further updates on Exploring Copenhagen and future design discussions, visit Scaledenmark.dk or contact Bo Christiansen -  Founder, Scaledenmark (bo@scaledenmark.dk)