Scaledenmark held an exciting full study tour program with over 135 international design professionals attending Jotun Colour Design Days in Copenhagen in early September. Scaledenmark’s Bo Chritiansen began the day with the welcome lecture, ”Copenhagen as an Eco-City” to inspire design leaders with Copenhagen’s urban strategies and implementation of sustainable design solutions at various scales. The tour highlighted important urban districts within Copenhagen’s urban redevelopment, including Nordhavn, Ørestad, as well as the cultural and public-life focused transformation of Copenhagen’s harborfront. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with JOTUN's design participants, as Bo Christiansen will travel to Istanbul for a professional lecture on 15. November to address their Association of Architects in Private Practice. We hope to inspire urban leaders to solve urban problems through sustainability and value-based solutions that respond to our current public and environmental health challenges. Come back to to hear more about the event!