It is always a pleasure to lead student tours with Scaledenmark. Student groups always bring a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm that enable wonderful learning opportunities. 

This tour bridged two important areas in the development of Copenhagen: Ørestad and the cross-regional neighbor of Malmö, Sweden. 

We explored the critical importance of scale, diversity, and typology in new development planning in Ørestad. We then traveled across the Øresund bridge to Malmö to see the evolution of Sweden’s third-largest city with Bo01 – “the city of tomorrow.” Here we witnessed first-hand the effects of a well-designed micro-climate tucked in the beautiful inner courtyards of the seaside community. We then traveled to the Form/Design Center to visit the exhibit “Commmoning Kits” – an installation to provoke discussion on how to upscale democratic design in urban communities. 

We look forward to hearing from the students again on their informative – and busy! – tour to Copenhagen.