We had 3 half day tours with Liven Group, a group of 21 young and talented participants.

About Liven:
Liven has been a residential real estate developer for six years. About 300 homes have been developed during this period, and to date, nearly 1,500 apartments are under construction and at different stages of development. 

Developments by Liven are greatly anticipated. This is confirmed by the fact that more than half of the apartments are sold before construction begins. By the time the building is completed, almost all the homes have found a new owner. Last fall, Liven grew into a public limited company, raided more capital, and formed a board of directors. Liven's motto is to create homes with soul or homes whose emotional and material value far exceed the sum of its original components. From Liven you buy a home  not real estate. Liven's homes are characterized by good planning, outstanding interior design, and well-thought-out details. In other words: High quality square meteres. What makes Liven different from other developers in Estonia is that they offer to move into a furnished home. From Liven, a home buyer can order fixed furniture designed by an interior architect.