OAK VILLAGE - Nordic-Canadian Circular Economy Hackathon


Scaledenmark is delighted to announce that together with an interdisciplinary team, we have been named the winner of the Nordic-Canadian Circular Economy Hackathon!

The hackathon was an intense 3-day digital design sprint to develop circular solutions in energy and construction for an upcoming High Rise Condominium project in Oakville, Ontario. Financed by Nordic Innovation, the intent of the hackathon was to connect Nordic/Danish companies with Canadian industry stakeholders (private and public) to develop innovative circular solutions for the Oakvillage development.

The entire site is 1,625,000 sqf, 344 townhomes and 1361 residential units in 7 condo towers. Phase 4 will be 750,000 sqf, 925 residential units in 5 condo towers.

The Town of Oakville is in the process of implementing community energy plan, and therefore they are seeking circular strategies spanning carbon reduction, energy efficiency in building, and district energy.

In an effort to support the Town of Oakville and the project developer, Minto Communities, Scaledenmark’s team proposed “The Gardens of Oakville,” a closed-loop strategy for integrating green spaces into high-rise living, while improving livability for area residents. The proposal outlined scalable solutions to support integrated production of heat energy, life-cycle assessment in integrated waste management, and energy-efficient enclosed balconies for human-scale green spaces. 

As a winning team, we will continue the development of our proposal with a one-on-one meeting with the Town of Oakville and the developer, Minto Communities in January 2021. Learn more about the event here

Our Nordic-Canadian team was represented by:


Melt Collective; Liam Russell + Patrick Lewis Wilkie  ,

LUMON; Henry Nieuwenhuis + Michelle DiCeglie


ROSS DK; William Harrar + Jesper Baunsgard

Scaledenmark; Bo Christiansen


Tecwill; Derek Brown +Janne Tuomikko