TONI - changing tradition


This monday we thought about doing something different. So instead of posting our normal Monday highlights, we will present a short interview with TONI's new CEO Mark Christiansen. TONI Copenhagen stems from a long family tradition of passionate professionals who, for generations, stood by their craftsmanship and created a world of quality design where only the best was good enough. Their armature fixtures have been produced in their factory in Copenhagen since 1918, evolving over time and keeping focus on form and function. Today, TONI has been equipt with a new managing team and we are interested in hearing how the old is being interwoven with the new. 

ScaleDenmark: You are a new old business since TONI got bought and sold last year and has now you as new CEO – what are you most excited about bringing to the continuation of the TONI story?TONI: There are very few companies left like TONI and I really feel the responsibility of preserving the outstanding handcraft and tradition embedded in this company. In a consumer world, where everything is fast tracked, we take our time to get things right – and I see a demand for products like ours out there. So I am very excited to bring these amazing handmade products to a market ruled by big industry robots, especially when our quality is so outstanding.   

ScaleDenmark: The TONI timeline goes back more than 100 years with quite an exciting story – exactly how important is storytelling for a company of today? 
TONI: The history of our brand stating back to the beginning of the 19th century, is extremely important for me, since it places us as the oldest faucet company in Denmark, with the backbone of the handcrafted industry which is a part of the position we are in today. We want to make sure that our product bring much more value than just cold and hot water, it brings a feeling of respect for the product and the heritage, which in the end should make the customer appreciates the product much more. 

ScaleDenmark: It seems that TONI are proudly holding on to the old traditions of the craft and all your products are handmade and joined in your production in Copenhagen – is seems that oldschool has become newschool, correct ? 
TONI: Well, in the time that we are living in, where trends and fashion are putting a lot of pressure to the industries and consumers, I think that more and more people are looking for those unique items where time is standing still. Quality wise we are investing heavily to ensure our products lasts a lifetime. We're not dictated by trends or fashion and there is no Spring, summer, Autumn or winter seasons at Toni.

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