It is no secret that Denmark is investing in the the energy storage and sector coupling technologies of the future. This year, two large-scale Power-to-X projects have been awarded grants totalling EUR 17.1 million, which will allow us to use green power as fuel for busses, airplanes and ships in the future.

But what is a ‘Power to X’ project? Power-to-X (also P2X and P2Y) is a number of electricity conversion, energy storage, and reconversion pathways that use surplus electric power, typically during periods where fluctuating renewable energy generation exceeds load. This is a very relevant issue in the context on Denmark, where much of the green energy production relies on wind. Therefore, Ørsted, Mærsk, DSV, Copenhagen Airport, SAS, DFDS and the City of Copenhagen have joined forces to develop an industrial-scale facility to produce green fuels for road, maritime, and air transport in the Greater Copenhagen area.

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