Loyal Guiding Architects Network client Ailleurs culture brought the French group 'ICADE' for a 2-days tour to Copenhagen to get inspired about eco-construction through renovation and new projects, focusing on offices, housing, schools and etc. This was a goal we gladly wanted to realize by kicking off in Nordhavn, a frontier in creating the new sustainable neighborhood of the future. With renovation projects like THE SILO and interesting combinations of programme, realized in the Lüders parkhouse, this was the perfect point to begin the tour.

Afterwards we moved towards the upcoming neighbourhood of Carlsberg, where the Krøyers House dwellings by ENTASIS showed how new and sustainable architecture can still retrieve its typology and looks from the surrounding buildings. On the second day we started at BIGs impressive social housing project in Nordvest and moved on towards their more evocative projects in Ørestad, in order to focus on the trilogy by BIG, as well as new examples of contemporary housing, all made with recycled materials.