As part of an initiative by Nordic Design and Muuto Italy Scaledenmark guided two Italian architecture offices, namely DEWG (Lombardini 22) and Progetto CMR. The focus was the experimental ground of Ørestad and the three BIG involved buildings that arose in the last decade: VM Housing (JDS/PLOT), the Mountain dwellings (JDS/PLOT) and the 8 HOUSE. These last two refer, even literally in the title, to the mountain villages and their specific quality of living. PLOT (JDS and BIG) took references from the mountain villages specific ways of living and implemented them into new typologies. The flora found in the alps blooms on the terraces of the mountain dwellings, the quality of a broad view on nature is a main goal in the eight dwelling.

We also got the opportunity of experiencing the architectural water elements closely, implemented by the finnish architects who created the overall structure of Ørestad. Our tour was a run-up to the three days of design, an important design event they would attend during their next days in Copenhagen. To wrap up our tour and kick off these following days, we visited the Tietgen student housing, an excellent project illustrating a holistic design approach. Here all scales of design come together: from an extraordinary typology in a new urban context, to an adaptable and efficient wood interior.