Scaledenmark had a great day touring around with BMNP, an architectural office from Nürnberg. The tour encompassed two very diverging sites: the old city center in the morning and one of the new centers, Ørestad, in the afternoon. This interesting juxtaposition provoked thoughts on scale and the difference between building in a historical context and building in the void.

Walking around the inner city we mostly tried to understand the different public spaces, their scale and their history. We visited amongst others Nørreport, Israels plads, Krøyers plads and Rådhuspladsen. Since BMNP doesn’t shy away from building in complex contexts, COBEs answer at Krøyers plads harvested a lot of admiration. The office also pleas for a holistic approach towards building processes, from the perspective of interior design to the long-term energy efficiency. They found a great example of this in Tietgen student housing, where an interior visit offered them a detailed view of the applied solutions.