We are very grateful for your recent participation in one of the architectural tours (and/or presentations) led by Scaledenmark. We would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions, to help us better understand our clients’ demands and so improve our services and correct any possible deficiencies. (Not all the fields have to be filled in.)  We look forward to receiving your comments.             

A) How would you rank the preparation stage (general information, proposal, suggestions, shaping of the program)?
B) How would you rank the organizational quality (bus, bicycle, dinner, tickets, etc.) of our proposal?
C) Did the quality of the objects chosen fulfill your expectations?
D) Did the tour guide’s technical skills (architectural knowledge) fulfill your expectations?
E) Did the communications skills of the tour guide’s manager fulfill your expectations?
F) Did the tour guide’s organizational skills (time management, organization, tickets, flexibility to face the unexpected) fulfill your expectations?
G) Do you think the program should be more comprehensive (including more objects)? Or would you rather deal with fewer objects, but in depth? (1=more comprehensive 4=more depth)
H) How would you evaluate the price-service relationship?