Scaledenmark toured the Harbour Cirle as well as Ørestad with delegates of Max Hofmann, a company of architects, investors and developers which has been contributing for over hundred years to very diverse city parts of Hamburg. They have been constructing high quality buildings for commercial, public and residential aims. Residential buildings were the focus of our tour, but through the bicycle ride along the harbor circle they touched upon all topics.

By visiting Krøyers plads, Tietgen student housing and the VM houses, we offered them a diverse range of urban contexts, development models and typologies. The first one is a reinvention of old historical warehouses, the second one a circular form with a focus on collectivity, and the third one a revisiting of Unité d’habitation. All creating new design standards, that hopefully will influence Max Hoffmann’s further practice. We hope to be a part of that and to keep working together with these city makers of past and future.