Scaledenmark offers consultancy based on 10 years of research on the urban development of Copenhagen and the Øresund Region

Scaledenmark offers professional guided tours, workshops and lectures on post-war contemporary architecture in Copenhagen and the Øresund region. The holistic approach of Scandinavian planning, architecture and design is communicated through examples that successfully combine sustainable thinking, social factors and the local context; a recipe that could be adopted anywhere in the world.

Scaledenmark operates as a platform of urban quality consultants, providing architectural lectures, tours and study programs. All lectures, tours and workshops are customized and communicated in the philosophy of “edutainment”, which implicates a creative mix of education and entertainment – an ideal combination for visualizing abstract ideas - learning from seeing and understanding through experiencing built reality.

Scaledenmark is a member of Guiding Architects, an international network for architectural guided tours by professionals. The company’s urban quality consultants are trained architects that offer lectures, tours and workshops in German, English, French, Spanish or Danish/Scandinavian.

Scaledenmark has customers who are professionals, such as architects, businesspeople, developers, trade missions or institutional organizations, but also universities, schools and private groups interested in Scandinavian sustainable master planning, architecture and design.

Scaledenmark enables you to explore the Øresund region’s design and architecture scene, discovering new ways of thinking sustainability. We offer both half and full day customized tours; the price is € 1000 + 25 % VAT for a half day tour (4 Hours) and € 1750 + 25 % VAT for a full day tour (8 Hours). Prices for lectures are € 750 + 25 % VAT (45 min. + 15 min. Q&A) and prices for workshops are given upon request. You are welcome to book a tour for a shorter duration, but please note that the base price is € 1.000 + 25 % VAT. Discounts on arrangements for longer periods than one day are possible and student groups are offered a 20 % discount on request. Transportation by foot, bicycle, Metro, S-train, bus, water bus or own rented canalboat. All prices exclude charges for: entrance fees, transport, insurance, accommodation, meals etc. However, we have long-term good relations with bus company, hotels, restaurants and tour operators. We are happy to help you get in contact with these or other service providers.