Epple immobilien visited Copenhagen for a prolonged weekend and we guided them for several intriguing days through different neighborhoods. Wednesday was dedicated to Christianshavn, where we visited amongst others Holmen, Kröyers Plads and the circle bridge.

Thursday we started at our own BLOXHUB, where we besides giving our own Copenhagen as Eco-Metropole presentation had the honor to get talks from Peter Fangel (Realdania) and Peter Benzon (DAC). They explained us the idea and concept behind BLOX, as a gathering space and hub in the city, much more than a waterfront building. From there on we walked to Carlsberg city, where multiple actors gave us an insight into this praised development. Fitting in the theme of this day we rounded of at the Meatpacking District to further discuss what we encountered.

The following friday was dedicated to the harbor of Copenhagen, stretching out from Islands Brygge South and the cosy Sluseholmen, with its scaled-down channels, to the experimental Nordhavn, with COBE’s silo and the lüders parking house from JAJA architects. Kathrin Gimmel, architect at the latter, gave a presentation afterwards about their practice and the innovative parking house.

We left North to go back to the hotel, but returned the next day to go even further up, passing by some classic architecture in the Bellevue area. Both the housing estate and the gas station, but also the newer development at Turborg South were visited.

Finally on Sunday we returned south to Ørestad where the Tietgen student housing and the three BIG / PLOT buildings were the end salute of 5 days of exploring.